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    Hugo Flygare:

    Yes!! Den här bilden har jag tänkt på många gånger men bara glömt att säga till dig!!

    Härligt! Grym bild

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    Lasse Byrdal:

    Tack Hugo! Det är en riktigt bra bild

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    Felix Sanchez:

    The look is absolutely amazing 🙂
    Besides, the 3 part setup with horisontal lines and brown to the left and vertical lines and blue to the right really makes this a very strong composition. Nice!

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    Lasse Byrdal:

    Thanks .. it means a lot. I have seen this image approx 1 million times and the hopeful look my daughter has, still amazes me.

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Found this old picture of my daughter. Love the look she has … hopeful and curious.

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